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How To How to duplicate the you're special book in fallout 4: 7 Strategies That Work

no. No, but the conveyor belt method does work. Look it up on YouTube. 487K subscribers in the fo4 community. The Fallout Network's Subreddit for everything Fallout 4 . From builds and Settlements, to game-play and mods….A teacher’s edition is a special version of a textbook designed to help instructors better teach the material. A teacher’s edition of a textbook may have a different international ...Sorry i generalized "special" - book under the crib at beginning and a comic book or two from the house and the first mission building in concord. I got a bobblehead too. Question was sorta general for all stat bonuses.Duplicate your items. Now that your C.A.M.P.s are set up, it is time to duplicate items. Head out into the world and wait for the Collectron to fill up with as many items as you want.LINKSSubscribe Referral Link Twitter https://www.twitc...*Infinite special points: Get the "I'm special!" book from Shaun's room in your old house. If you got rid of this... sorry, you're out of luck. Complete steps 1-4 with the book. Then: - Pick up the duplicate - Drop all books - Pick up all books (one will activate) - Drop one book and repeat Inb4 "Cheating ruins the experience!"The first stat you'll increase is Strength. Take the Day Tripper, and your Strength will be down to 8. Now, duplicate the "You're SPECIAL" book until you're back up to 10 Strength. When the Day Tripper wears off, you'll be sitting at 12 Strength. Get the Bobblehead, and you'll be at 13! Next is Charisma.Dec 14, 2015 ... This glitch has been around for a while, but it's definitely worth showing that it works after patch 1.02! Here is a link to the Dogmeat ...The basics: SPECIAL and Perks. SPECIAL and Perks have been part of past Fallouts, but here they relate to each other in a different way. Basically, each time a player gains a level, they will get ...You can dupe weapons with an extremely strict timing, but I haven't seen anyone successfully duplicate the special book. Friends are like snowflakes. If you pee on them, they disappear. I would say just wait for the mods, I can guarantee that one of the first things out will be some sort of stat / item offers its customers free cancellations on most rooms. No cancellation fee is charge if a reservation is cancelled up to two days before the date of arrival. Special ra...There are a plethora of benefit's to having a higher then 10 in any special stat. You can raise a special to 10, and with a bobblehead you can hit a maximum of permanent 11 in any special stat. Then with gear you can push it even further, with some unquie facial attire you can attain +1 & +2 to either perception or intellect. With the … It is possible for you to scrap the SPECIAL book you find at the beginning of the game, drop it, pick it up and reactive the SPECIAL point and you can repeat... Alcohol addiction will do it, but drug addiction will not. Agility is not one of the stats that there is a debuff that will let you use You're SPECIAL to get beyond 10. A natural 11 Agility is only possible with the bobblehead. Addictions nor any Survival debuffs not work for You're SPECIAL, only direct debuffs from consumed items, so Strength ...Just as ithers have stated, you might as well use console commands. However, to answer the question; drop the junk on the ground > go to workshop mode > press and hold your store button but at the same time, press scrap button (keeping your finger on store, but releasing scrap) I find it best with like a 0.01 delay between pressing store and ...Dec 8, 2023 · About this mod. Adds 6 more ‘You’re Special’ Books to the game to find and raise your SPECIAL. It’s a shame there was only ONE You’re Special book in the game, because we know you’re EXTRA special. I’ve added 6 more books all in somewhat logical places. Go out and explore. Apr 26, 2023 ... I show and explain how to duplicate resources in fallout 4. I also show how to use these resources to get experience points and get caps.Fallout 4 - Max SPECIAL Stats Glitch - Infinite S.P.E.C.I.A.L PointsCredit to: INFIN...#1. Nite69 May 19, 2018 @ 2:10pm. I never knew it could be dulplicated in the past. but at least the perk tree trick still works, I always get charisma to 10, and then use a drug to lower charisma temporary, then put the special book on the charisma, and then when the drug wears off it puts charisma to 11. #2. Zim May 19, 2018 @ 2:13pm. RDR2, "Now THAT'S a fish." Arthur Morgan. FO4, "Side Quests, Side Quests never changes." You can dupe weapons with an extremely strict timing, but I haven't seen anyone successfully duplicate the special book. Friends are like snowflakes. If you pee on them, they disappear. Hey guys! I heard there was a trick to duplicate YAS book that one finds in SS's old home with help of Dogmeat. Was it patched or does it still work? I am just curious. Thanks!Fallout 4 Power armor types You'll notice that there are a few different types of Power Armor available for you to swan around killing everything in. Here are the five types of Power Armor and how ...As most Fallout 4 players know, in the Sole Survivours Pre-War Home, there was a SPECIAL Book, as a nod to Fallout 3, what some newer players don't know is you can find that book in the Post-Apocalypse and use it to increase any Special Stat (It can be found in Shaun's old room under a dresser)This replica of the board book every Lone Wanderer or Sole Survivor receives in Fallout® 3 and Fallout® 4 will help readers determine their best traits! After all, everyone is special, even you. Learn about the seven defining attributes of Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.Max out all of your Special attributes with this working duplication glitch. Duplicate the You're Special book. Working as of September 2021100% still works....Step 4: Drop the duplicated books and pick them up for an extra special point. Continue this while paying attention to your attributes and save once you get to nine. Step 5: Make sure that you have a duplicated book that you can drop and get a special point from, except DO NOT pick it up. Instead make dogmeat fetch it.Where to find the 'You're SPECIAL!' book in Fallout 4.Enjoy my videos?Follow me on twitter @MrItachiWeazel for updates and info.Subscribe for more.261 votes, 29 comments. 44K subscribers in the ImaginaryFallout community. Paintings and drawings set in the Fallout universe.3. By first getting the desired stat to 10 then getting a drug to give it a temporary debuff you can use the You're Special! book to increase it back to 10 but then when the debuff wears off you will have 11 in that stat and then you can increase it to 12 by getting the corresponding bobblehead. and why i say do it in this order is because it ... Go to sleep for a few hours so that the effect goes away, and your base Strength will rise to 12. Consume a Fury to lower your Perception to 5. Do the dogmeat book duplication glitch 5 times to raise it back up to 10. Go to sleep for a few hours so that the effect goes away, and your base Perception will rise to 15. The Fallout Network's Subreddit for everything Fallout 4 . From builds and Settlements, to game-play and mods, get your Fallout 4 experience here! ... then use the Dogmeat exploit with the "You're Special" book while in a lowered SPECIAL state, from chems, items, and addiction effects. Afterwards, I use the Bobble head last, to get one more +1 ...I figured out a way to do it perfectly every time. Drop it and pick it up as he does to duplicate the item. Put the other one in a container so you only have one. Drop that one and have him get it while you're standing near it. It should give you the screen to add a s.p.e.c.i.a.l. trait. Duplicate the book again, put the copy away and repeat :)My New Giveaway Channel Just launched at: I’ll be giving away lots of free stuff to subscribers, r...Magazines grant the player character additional perks when read, or unlock certain benefits. Perk magazines replace skill books from earlier installments in the Fallout franchise, due to the merger of skills and perks. These perks can have multiple ranks, with the rank increasing each time the player character reads a copy of the magazine. The magazine may be sold, dropped, displayed or stored ...The Book That Keeps On Teaching. Description. For people that would rather read a book over and over again to increase those much needed stat points. Currently. Makes the "You're SPECIAL!" book able to be reused simply by dropping it and picking it back up. Now also adds a crafting recipe at the Chem station under healing, requires 1 Burnt Book.Try a clean install making sure to delete everything let over in the fallout 3 folder and the my docs/my games/ Fallout 3 folder. You might have a corrupt ini left over. You will have to do all the fixes again. Did you try all the fixes in the sidebar? Edit: did a quick Google. Found this. Game Freezes at the Your Special Book during the tutorialToday I tell you how to duplicate Weapons and Armor in Fallout 4.Twitter - Group - this Fallout 4 guide we find the required overdue books to trade for tokens to get the Massachusetts Surgical Journal from Boston Public Library. This ove...Craft one set of whatever gear you want to duplicate. Place the gear in the source (left) container. Open console, select the source (left) container that has all the gear in it, and type the following. Close console and you'll see that the formerly empty target container will have a copy of the inventory of the source container.But they can go higher than 10. #4. Tolwrath Nov 23, 2015 @ 8:00am. In character creation, and with levelup-perks, they are limited to 10. Grabbing a bobblehead when the stat is already 10 will boost it to a permenant 11. The "you're special" book cannot bring a stat to 11 though. #5. Jan 27, 2017 ... Hope ya'll enjoy the vidoe ... Fallout 4 The You're SPECIAL book can be stored Drop the item on the conveyor beltGrab item as it is half way inside the convayer storage, so you can only see just the tip of item.You will know that it DID...The maximum level obtainable in Fallout: New Vegas is 30; however, each add-on installed adds an additional 5 levels to the maximum. With all four add-ons, the level is increased to a final level maximum of 50. The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system has remained mostly consistent throughout the Fallout series. As has been the case since Fallout, the character's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes default to 5 points ... Pick the safe then hack the terminal to relock the The You're SPECIAL book can be stored in your workshop to be used later (via workshop mode). Useful if you want to take a stat to 11 before Bobblehead later. As long as you don't physically pick up the object from the world environment, it won't activate. You can freely transfer it between your workshop and inventory without it triggering as well. player.setav [skill] [number] Example: player.setav strength 9. Nothing gamebreaking but I guess you can cheat :p. More commands here. depends on the console command. 1 command adds the number as bonus points (so does not unlock abilities in the skill tree). The other command sets the SPECIAL stat to the number. Turn on annotations to see step-by-step instructionsIn this...

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Just to be clear, what I've read says that you can raise a stat that's been debuffed to 9 with You're SPECIAL...


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The Book That Keeps On Teaching. Description. For people that would rather read a book over and...


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Shaun, also known as Father, is the son of the Sole Survivor and their spouse (either Nate or Nora). He is the director...


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2. A will contain the items you want to duplicate, and B will (soon) contain the duplicated items. 3. ...


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Where to find the book You're SPECIAL! When you are completting the scene after your son being kidnapped and...

Want to understand the You can EASILY get yourself the early levels from the You're Special book multiple times by duplicating it with this simple d?
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